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19 October 2010 @ 06:53 pm
Challenge 5 Information  
Sorry for the ridiculous lateness of this. You will still have 20 days starting from this date, then the next challenge will be postponed until December so we'll be back on track with the usual timeline.

1. Icons must conform to LJ guidelines: 100x100 pixels, no larger than 40KB, .png and .gif formats only (NO .JPEG. PLEASE)
2. Animation is allowed ONLY if (a) you don't include more than five (5) animated icons in your post and (b) they're under 40KB.
3. Your icon post must remain public until after voting closes and the results are posted.
4. Icons should be free of excessive swearing and nudity.
5. Remember all three sections must be in accordance with the subject you claimed.
6. Your work must be your own, not pre-made! We want you to make new things, as this is meant to be a challenge. :)
7. When you're ready to post, in the subject line put "Challenge 5"
8. When tagging your entries, tag it as maker: your username, they are added each time a participant enters a challenge so it should auto-complete for you. Also tag it with the current challenge number such as challenge 5 for this one. Those are the only two tags you'll need.
9. Post all your work in one entry to keep things organized.
10. Posting access is moderated and will be open to the participants during the challenge they signed up for.
11. Your claim is due May 20th by the end of the day in your timezone.

PARTICIPANTSsnowy_sny, hopeitallaway, klingonlady, killmotion

Interpret these as you wish.
1. Sideways
2. Stuck
3. Up
4. Atomic
5. Soldier
6. Fire
7. Blindness
8. Home
9. Fear
10. Lost

Make 5 of whatever you like.

CATEGORY: Dramatic Narrative
Make an icon representing each section of the episode i.e. Exposition, Rising action, Climax, Falling action, Dénouement