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twentyfringe's Journal

20 ways, 20 days... Fringe-style.
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20 ways, 20 days.. Fringe-style (a challenge community)

t w e n t y fringe.

Welcome to twentyfringe, a new take on the common 20-in-20 style idea, where you make 20 things (icons, banners, mixes, wallpapers, etc) in 20 days, with the focus on FOX's Fringe.

mods: heartoutofstone & killmotion

Challenge Information.

Every challenge will be slightly different, but all of them will involve 20 of something. Sound complicated?
The easiest 20in20 concept is icons, which will come up often. To put a unique spin on that, our Category Entries (5 out or the 20 for your submission) might be something entirely different. For example, you might make 15 icons (10 with themes, 5 Artist's Choice) and 1 wallpaper + 1 banner/header + 3 matching icons for your Category Entries, thus making 20in20.
Other ideas for this might be a fanmix challenge, where you compile a list of 20 songs focusing on a character, pairing, episode, scene, etc., or a season challenge where you make 20 icons from 20 different episodes.
As stated previously, all challenges will differ slightly with the main focus on graphic arts.

Once a sign-up post is made, you can claim a character, pairing (romantic or not), or episode. Once you make a claim, this will be your claim for the month. You aren't permitted to make the same claim two months in a row (ie: If you claim Olivia for January's challenge, you can't claim her again if you sign up for February. Olivia/Peter, however, would be fine). Some rounds might not even have claims; simply make icons that fit the themes provided.

Themes (once again, this is general.. individual challenges will differ)
10/20 icons will have individual themes that will change each round. These themes may be techniques you need to apply (ie: black and white, split-screen, etc), words subject to interpretation (ie: 'dreams'), etc.
5/20 icons/creations will belong to a specific category with one unifying characteristic. These will change each round.
Artist's Choice
You get to choose the last 5/20 icons you enter for the challenge.

Voting & scheduling
what you need to know.

Voting (once again, subject to change for each challenge)
Themes - Vote for your 5 favourite theme icons (ie: you wouldn't vote for the best 'happy' theme icon, but rather your favourite icons regardless of theme)
Category - category icons (5) will be voted on in sets.
Artist's Choice - artist's choice icons (5) will also be voted on in sets.

Sign-ups: 21st of month
Challenges posted: 1st of month
Challenges end: 20th of month
Voting posted: 21st of month
Voting ends: 28th of month
(some of these dates might be delayed to accomodate the mods if they are busy, but it shouldn't happen often)

general rules.

1. Icons must conform to LJ guidelines: 100x100 pixels, no larger than 40KB, .png and .gif formats only (NO .JPEG. PLEASE)
2. Animation is allowed ONLY if (a) you don't include more than five (5) animated icons in your post and (b) they're under 40KB.
3. You may only make one claim in this community per month.
4. Your icon post must remain public until after voting closes and the results are posted.
5. Icons should be free of excessive swearing and nudity
6. The same claim cannot be made twice in a round so make sure you claim early.

layout: milou_veronica.
header: killmotion.
profile codes: palebird.